Nightmares Are Real!

My favorite nightmare came true this past whimsical Wednesday and I thought, why not let everyone else have a giggle over it?!

I took the boys to one of our local libraries because it contains two of life’s greatest luxuries: (1) a (clean and beautiful) fish tank and (2) a train table. LM1 and LM2 love visiting, I force books upon them (sort of), and it’s a win-win scenario.

Unless you’ve got to go to the bathroom.

Unless your children are screaming.

Unless your youngest son can now reach the door and open it at will because the locking mechanism is synced with the door handle.

Unless the bathroom you chose to use was a solo room which is directly connected to the library Children’s Room.

So, mid-stream, yes, mid-stream, it happened. And the door was wide open. My screaming children became running, screaming children, and I had my pants down.

I whispered my shrieks at them, trying to at least be loud enough to cover up the sounds of my sprinkles and tinkles.

Thank you to the librarian who didn’t laugh and instead pretended this sort of thing happens EVERY DAY. (I know it doesn’t. I know it doesn’t happen to anyone. Ever. Never Ever.) Thank you to the other librarian who successfully shut the door for me without making eye-contact and then shuffled the boys over to some legos or that wooden castle thing they love.

THANK YOU, nightmare, for reminding me why it’s ok to be dehydrated sometimes.




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One thought on “Nightmares Are Real!

  1. Elizabeth

    Love this story because it makes everyone see that staying home to raise your children, when it’s possible, is the Hardest job ever and the most rewarding!!!!


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