The Best of the Holiday Season!!!

The holidays are the best time of the year. They are exhausting with the little ones around, and some days become scream-fest-melt-down days if the truffle shuffle becomes too much for them to bare. All the ups and downs included, the holiday went off well and we smiled over some things new and unexpected.  What I consider to be the very best holiday moments are the following:

1.) Confusion over Santa’s eating of the cookies. LM1 could not decipher why the old man would eat cookies and why we had encouraged the eating of said cookies by putting them out on our hearth in the first place.

2.) LM2’s infatuation with eating the wrapping paper. He developed a preference by the end of our Christmas Extravaganza, and decided that the blue paper is best.

3.) I managed to make paella for the family. Without burning anything. Without forgetting any steps in the process (though I did forget one step for the tostones). Without leaving any leftovers. #bigwin #IamLatinaafterall

4.) We entertained many family members and managed to spend a full week surrounded by the ones we love. My uncle came to stay with us and brought smiles, laughter, and the “Christmas movie” Die Hard. #unexpectedblessings #psdiehardisnotachristmasmovie

5.) LM1 learned to sing “Jingle Bells,” though he pronounces it differently each time he sings.  We’ve now heard lyrics for “Ringle Spells,” “Stinkle Dells,” “Wrinkle Jells,” and “Jangel Bulls.” All confusion aside, I think he’s generally pleased with his singing ability and the joy conveyed as a result of any and all caroling.

Happy Holidays! Bring on the New Year!

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